Review: New Girl, Episode 02.11 “Santa”

It’s Christmastime in (L.A., maybe? I’m not sure they’ve ever told us), “New Girl” land, and this week the gang goes to each other’s holiday parties.Olivia Munn

First Schmidt was upset about being at a lesbian cookie party from Jess’ friends. “All wreaths, no trees.”

The episode began with a food fight back at the apartment. Winston talking loud with a cranberry in his ear was annoying from the beginning, though him telling Sam (after Jess told him she and Winston were now together) “I got it stuck all up in there” out of context was good.

Jess kept bumping into her ex Sam at the parties, then bumped into a lot of windows trying to flee. “I feel like a bird,” she said. Sam wants her back, and she eventually has faith and gets back with him.

Nick and his girlfriend Angie tried to get busy in Santa’s sleigh at Schmidt’s friend’s party, which of course went badly. They broke up and made up, and eventually Schmidt shows Nick how to give a lap dance. Olivia Munn remains very deadpan when she is required to speak.

The show apparently will be on hiatus until Jan. 8, so until then- keep watching the skis!

Grade: A-

- New Girl
- Zooey Deschanel
- Olivia Munn

Written by: KurtK26
Dec 11th, 2012, 7:39 pm


Message Posted On Dec 12th, 2012, 8:30 am
I love this show so much! This was another great episode; this whole season has been a hot streak. I watched it with some of my DISH coworkers and we all agreed; Nick and Angie are awesome together! We all hope they last, but I think Olivia Munn is listed as only a guest star, so they mean bad news is on the horizon. I recorded everything on the four major networks during primetime last night using PrimeTime Anytime, through my DISH Hopper. This way I can re-watch it tonight; I know I missed a few thinks watching it in a group! Best of all, anything recorded by primetime Anytime can be used with AutoHop, which lets me skip the commercials! Does anyone know if “Santa” was the last episode before the winter break? I can’t wait for more!
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