'An Idiot Abroad' sets season three premiere date


Karl Pilkington is getting ready to get back on the road and do some traveling.

Pilkington stars on The Science Channel's 'An Idiot Abroad,' which features him travelling the globe to visit interesting locales. Pilkington is not interested in these travels but is forced into them by his friends (and series creators) Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. While their friend travels abroad, Merchant and Gervais stay back in England tracking his progress. 

It was announced today that the third season premieres January 19 (a Saturday) at 9 p.m. In this season, called 'An Idiot Abroad 3,' Pilkington will travel from Italy to China, following the route travelled by Marco Polo. Warwick Davis (Willow) will be appearing, as well.

"This is Karl's most epic journey so far but, despite being a seasoned traveler, he is still as angry, confused and naive as ever," said Gervais. "At one point he seriously asks Warwick, 'Do you have knees?' "

Gervais had originally said that there would not be a third season, but relented to an abbreviated, three-episode season. The shows have already been broadcast in the United Kingdom on Sky1.

This is the conclusion of the series (at least for the time being).

Have you seen any of ‘An Idiot Abroad?’ What do you think?


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Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 12th, 2012, 1:47 pm

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