The CW orders 'Hunger Games' inspired reality series


The CW


Somebody at The CW reaaaaally likes 'The Hunger Games.'

Not only is the network developing a drama series entitled 'The Selection' which has been described as being in the vein of 'The Hunger Games' and 'Battle Royale,' but now CW has ordered a reality competition series entitled 'The Hunt' which seems to match the fictional game contest fairly closely.

Survivalist leanto

In 'The Hunt,' twelve teams of two are dropped into the wilderness without food, water or shelter. They must compete in a game where they’ll rely on their physicality, survival skills and hunting skills to endure the harsh conditions and eventually "capture" one another. Think of it as a very extreme form of playing tag? Given the fact that contestants are dropped in the wilderness without supplies, I'm most curious about how the "capture" of other players will play out; surely no actual physical altercation is intended to take place... is it?


But CW wasn't finished: the network also ordered the unscripted reality/dating/singing/gameshow mash-up 'Perfect Score.' In this strange series, two contestants attempt to find their ideal mate from a spate of twelve singers, judging from their performances alone. Each of the singers have taken compatibility tests and the contestant who picks the most compatible partner wins a date and a cash prize. I suppose the ear wants what the ear wants?

More on the development of these odd unscripted series as it becomes available.



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Written by: bad_subject
Dec 12th, 2012, 1:58 pm

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