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Review: The League - 4.10 - "Our Dinner With Andre"

The underwhelming season of "The League" continues this week, with another decent if not memorable episode with a guest star highlight and a short return to misanthropic form for Ruxin.

The League

Andre is selling his porn loft. Thanking his realtor Jenny by taking her and Kevin out for dinner provides our latest round of Andre-bashing, and it's glorious. Most of the chiding comes courtesy of guest-star Brooklyn Decker, who plays an old queen bitch classmate Gina Gibiatti from their high school who really hasn't changed a bit. The drubbing that Andre takes at dinner paves the way for Pete to get revenge sex on his gorgeous but hateful school crush.

Still attempting to impregnate his wife with the fabled anchor baby, Ruxin learns he has an abnormally low sperm count thanks to his fantasy football obsession. Ruxin's exchange with his doctor gave me a taste of what's been missing this season: acrid wit and glib personality. His fantasy football commissioner reign has been as dull and uneventful as can be. I miss shameless asshole Ruxin, condescending to the other members of the group and thinking only of himself. Ruxin in general this season has been dialed down to about a 3, as his rule as commish should have been fraught with questionable rulings and abuses of power that benefit him, because that's who Ruxin has been in seasons past.

Kevin's plot thread is again the weakest of the bunch, getting blackmailed by an eight year old creepy friend of Ellie's after he witnesses 'Missionary Wednesdays.' Taco's sex talk with the kid is probably the sole highlight, the rest didn't get so much as a chuckle.

Oh, the concept had so much potential. A fancy dinner where Andre could be a d-bag in full force while the gang rips him to shreds seems like a no brainer, but instead it just doesn't live up to episodes past.

Final Grade: C+

- The League
- Brooklyn Decker
- Paul Scheer
- Mark Duplass
- Nick Kroll
- FX

Written by: kyleiam
Dec 14th, 2012, 8:26 am

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