Review: The League - 4.11 - "12/12/12"

Unlike last week, this week's double-dose of "The League" blends both episodes pretty seamlessly together. It wraps up Brooklyn Decker's guest arc in the only way possible, moves Andre into his new pad, and definitely ends things on a high note.

The League

Andre's "Cribs" style intro to his new flat is Dre-douchiness done right. Carrying over from the previous episode, The Dre is out of his old place and into some new digs, decorating it with awful taste that for once isn't his. No, Andre has managed to find an interior decorator with similarly terrible ideas and is dating her. The story highlights the love/hate relationship the group has with Andre -- worried that he's getting fleeced by his decorator girlfriend, they indulge him in a shopping spree to give him the confidence to see that she's taking him for a ride. Bedazzled belt buckles, plaid fedoras, man-scarfs, it's all there. The cherry on top is Deion Sanders of all people tearing into their new style -- I love you, Prime Time, but you don't have much room to talk.

Brooklyn Decker returns and brings her Gibiatti brother with her. Pete's revenge sex has turned into a full-blown relationship, much to the chagrin of the rest of the group. Their loss is our gain, as the Gibiatti tandem are marvelous (possibly incestuous) assholes. It's pretty easy to see where the ill-fated relationship is headed, and the blow-up at Andre's housewarming party is fantastic stuff. Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker left an upper decker in Andre's toilet.

In the McArthur household, the league's infamous video taunts go next level, with Ellie fearing that her mother his viciously abusing her father. It doesn't help that Kevin's clumsiness comes into play during a last second player pickup and Jenny puts the nail in the coffin of his season.

It's the end of the world as we know it, as 12/12/12 signifies not only the coming apocalypse but also the return of Rafi and Dirty Randy (Seth Rogen). The only negative thing I can say about this is that their appearance is shamefully short, but that's often how Rafi appearances work best.

Final Grade: A-

- The League
- Brooklyn Decker
- Jon Lajoie
- Paul Scheer
- Abby Elliott
- Seth Rogen
- FX

Written by: kyleiam
Dec 14th, 2012, 4:28 pm

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