'Haven' pulls episode following school shooting

Following the horrific, tragic elementary school shooting that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday morning, Syfy made the decision to postpone the episode of its supernatural series Haven, which was scheduled to air Friday night. The reasoning behind it is a rather strange coincidence: the episode was set to depict fictionalized violence within a high school -- most certainly not appropriate viewing fare so soon after such a major tragedy. 

"Nathan and Duke help Audrey find the Troubled killer after a string of murders take place at Haven High School," reads the synopsis of the episode, titled "Reunion." It's a pretty strange coincidence, but it's widely agreed that Syfy made the right decision in pulling the episode. Actress Laura Vandervoort, who was set to appear in the episode, certainly thinks so. 

“I couldn’t stomach it,” she told TVLine, referring to a scene in which her character walks through the hallways of a high school carrying a gun. “I’m proud of Haven and Syfy for making the decision they did.” You can read more of what Vandervoort had to say here

While I certainly am not a proponent of the sensationalization such cases are treated with by the newsmedia, I agree with Vandervoort that SyFy made the right call here. Even though I doubt anyone directly affected by this event would have tuned into SyFy, the images might have proven to be uncomfortable for even the most stoic of viewers.

No word yet on when (or if) the episode will eventually air.


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Dec 15th, 2012, 12:22 am


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"The reasoning behind it is a rather strange coincidence: the episode was set to depict fictionalized violence within a high school"


It's actually far more of a coincidence than you think...the same thing happened with an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the wake of the Columbine school shootings in 1999, for nearly the exact same reason.  In the episode "Earshot", Buffy gains telepathy after a battle with a demon, and hears a student at her school think "I'm going to kill you all".  Although in the episode none of the students got shot - in fact, Buffy found and stopped the student before there was any shooting at all - the subject matter was close enough to what happened in Columbine that they pulled the episode just hours before air time.



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I agree with pulling the episode but week before last ended on Audrey being held at gun point by the skinwalker. What happened????

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although i agree with not showing the episode tonite , i think a repeat of last week's or a warehouse 13  in place .

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