Fox unhappy with Dish Network decision

Fox vs

Well, you had to see this coming. Fox Broadcasting and 20th Century Fox are unhappy with Dish Network's AutoHop service, which they claim infringes on copyrights and breaches contracts. Therefore, the Fox companies want a restraining order in place to halt the service immediately.

The two companies have filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals earlier this week after being turned down for a temporary injunction.

“The district court found that Dish infringes Fox’s copyrights when it copies Fox programs,” read the filing,  asking the judge if the court was “ignore its own findings and refuse to enjoin Dish on the theory that the irreparable harm does not ‘flow from’ the infringing copies?”

Fox says that AutoHop resembles a bootleg form of video-on-demand, which violates the legality of its right to carry Fox programming. It also alleges that AutoHop's ability to let viewers skip parts of the programing defrauds Fox of their main source of finances - the sale of commercials. This service is “disrupting Fox’s licensing relationships in secondary, non-broadcast markets.” 

This would cause “irreparable harms” to the company.  “Dish’s unauthorized commercial-free VOD service is anything but fair,” Fox urged, “and the need to enjoin it could not be greater.”

I will say this – Fox is doing a hell of a job making me want an AutoHop. 


Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 16th, 2012, 6:07 pm

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