Review: Dexter 07.12 'Surprise, M************'

Dexter Season 7, Episode 12 "Surprise, M**********"


We opened up tonight with Dexter talking to Hannah in prison. What a great, tense way to open the show.  Hannah admits that she was the one who poisioned Deb, because Deb was trying to keep them apart. They discussed how Dexter had a choice and chose Deb, as Hannah tells Dexter that she never stood a chance with him. Dexter is absolutely in love with Hannah – she tells him that she would never tell people he was a killer and it seemed like he never even thought about that until she brought it up. For the first time in this show’s long run, Dexter is in love – real love, and he is as happy as he is ever going to get. Hannah tells Dexter that without the pen, they have nothing. Both killers come to a common ground where they know that they would never totally be able to trust the other one. A long kiss goodbye leads to Hannah biting Dexter’s lip and making him bleed- fitting for them, don’t you think?

Hannah calls her friend Arlene and tells her she owes Hannah one. Arlene agrees, pretty easily. Not the phone call I would have on a jailhouse phone, but whatever floats her boat.

LaGuerta shows up at Dexter’s to arrest him for the murder of Hector Estrada. Whoa. I figured it was coming, but not 10 minutes into the show. Estrada is not dead though – where is her proof? I know she found the kill room, but there is no body.

Dexter does the perp walk, as Miami Metro is not happy at all with this. It seems like this is going to be the easy way out here – Estrada will pop up and LaGuerta’s case will vanish. I have really been interested in this case, but wow, the acting and chemistry between LaGuerta and Morgan was abysmal. LaGuerta’s case falls apart in record time and Dexter walks out. And then LaGuerta gets in the elevator with him! Are you freaking kidding me? Like that would be allowed to happen…THIS SHOW!

We cut to a Doakes/Dexter flashback. Dexter catches a key exchange between LaGuerta and Doakes. Back in present day, Batista confronts LaGuerta with her Dexter vendetta and asks about her getting Estrada released. She realizes how it looks and that’s that. There are so many interesting ways Dexter finales can go and this one seems to be heading right down the toilet.

So our tension this episode seems to be will Hannah stick to her word and can Dexter find and eliminate the threat of Estrada. Were those the two questions that fans were hoping this finale would be answering and involving? Absolutely not.

LaGuerta meets with Matthews and Matthews tells her she is going to get thrown under the bus if it comes to it. She begs for his help and he agrees, even though he – from everything we have seen – thinks Dexter is innocent.

Deb heads down to the courthouse and runs into Hannah. As the two ladies go back and forth, saying little nasty things to each other, the police officer guarding Deb has no problem walking away when Deb asks. That happens, right? Hannah pleads not guilty and Arlene slips something to her as Hannah is being walked away. Hannah is taken to the hospital and they try to contact her next-of-kin.

Batista advises LaGuerta to make things right with Dexter later that evening, at the combination retirement party for Batista and New Year’s Eve party. Meanwhile, Dexter tries to use Estrada’s ex to lure him out of hiding.

LaGuerta meets with Deb and apologies for what she put Dexter through. It turns though from LaGuerta and Deb talking to LaGuerta questioning Deb about Dexter’s involvement with Travis Marshall’s death. Coincidentally LaGuerta has received a disc from all the area gas stations from Mike Anderson’s widow and she sees Deb purchasing gasoline on the night of the murder, two blocks away from the murder scene. Of course she has this ace up her sleeve. Now LaGuerta thinks that Deb is protecting Dexter and has made a mistake. “This is only the start of a much larger conversation. Count on it.” – LaGuerta

Dexter runs into Estrada and pays some kids to toss a ball at him. Dexter shows up, drugs him in broad daylight and brings him into his van – at which time Deb calls him. They meet up and discuss LaGuerta’s investigation. Estrada starts coming to in the back of Dexter’s vehicle, which strangely does not make Deb that happy.

Hannah breaks out of the hospital, while Dexter breaks into LaGuerta’s house. He finds the paperwork for a warrant to search the GPS on Deb and Dexter’s phones on the night of Marshall’s murder. Harry tries to talk Dexter into running, but Dexter tells Harry that the fake life created to cover his murdering ways is real now and that he will not give it up. Dexter wants to kill LaGuerta. All he sees as a way out of this is killing her and saving Deb (and himself).

More flashbacks. Doakes opens up to Dexter about his relationship with LaGuerta and then seconds later tells him he is on to him, because Dexter said a quote that was the same as a quote he happened to read in a murder’s journal. O-Kay.

Dexter has Estrada call LaGuerta from the shipping container they all last partied in. Dexter wants details on the night his mother was murdered, which Estrada provides him for a few minutes until Dexter’s itch is scratched and Estrada meets his end in grisly, dirty fashion.

So Deb is at the party and she wants to find out where Dexter and LaGuerta are. So she calls to find out where LaGuerta’s car is and finds out it is heading to the shipping yard. A frantic voicemail to Dexter asks him not to do anything crazy. MEANWHILE, Hannah is snooping around the outside of Dexter’s apartment.

Down goes LaGuerta, who does not think to call backup. Deb shows up, just as Dexter is framing LaGuerta for the murder of Estrada. This is the line too far with Deb. LaGuerta wakes up and now both sides are asking Deb to help them. LaGuerta preys on Deb’s good side, her being an honorable person. Dexter tosses down his knife and tells Deb to do what she has to do.

And with that, LaGuerta is shot and killed by Lt. Morgan. A hysterical Deb tells Dexter she hates him, as Deb clings to LaGuerta’s dead body. And so concludes Dexter’s seventh season.

Well…I know a lot of you really like this show. I had a lot of hope the last few weeks after being really let down this season. And tonight’s episode took the easiest road possible. If you liked this season, what about it drew you in? I do not review this show because I want to rag on it – I review it because I want to love it. I haven’t, for a few seasons now. I’ll be here next season, to see how it all ends. But I can’t help but feel like this should have wrapped up a while ago.

- Dexter

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 16th, 2012, 8:01 pm


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Message Posted On Dec 20th, 2012, 3:31 am

Watch the episode again and then answer 50% of your questions yourself...

What can we say, it felt like the writers where fed up with the show..
I hope that the new season will be more like season 3.


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Message Posted On Dec 17th, 2012, 8:27 am

Good response Angelface (you too, Tina). I don''t mind a lot of what this season did, it is HOW it did it. The story arc seems unbelievable to me - characters figure things out too quickly. Second Anonymous, LaGuerta rushes to a crime scene after a believed-to-be-dead fugitive calls her and he is treatened. She could have swung that into something involving backup, even without involving her Dexter belief. Deb calls and finds out where LaGuerta's car is headed and of course they say to the shipping docks. Now, just heading North I doubt a dispatch would pinpoint a location like that. But wouldn't that make Deb look guilty - LaGuerta dies there and dispatch has a record of Deb calling to find out where she was.

Dexter's girlfriend, a believed murder, escapes the hospital and no one is notified? Deb, the officer who arrested her and Dexter, her boyfriend, do not know she is gone? You would think they would be notified asap.

Where was Quinn? Harrison vanished again - the disposable plot point, even though his babysiter, aunt and father were all at a party. Who was watching him? 

This show does this a lot - it feels like things happen in such a manner just to move the plot along. Some of that is understandable. Some of it, like LaGuerta having her back against the wall and then revealing to Deb that she thinks Deb helped burn down Marshall's church - seem totally absurd to me.


Message Posted On Dec 17th, 2012, 7:34 am
I thought as I watched that the reason she didnt call for backup was she was concerned about looking more crazy and possibly furthuring vendetta accusations. Estrada asks for help in the phonecall but it wasnt a 'come quick hes about to kill me' phone call. i figured Laguerta wanted to figure out the situation before making it public.

Message Posted On Dec 17th, 2012, 5:46 am
Good reply Angelface. I come down in the middle of you and the author. Not the worst season but not near the best.

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Message Posted On Dec 17th, 2012, 5:04 am

I have to agree with almost everything angelface has said, especially in the bieginning. I 'm fine with the fact that there hasn't been one serial killer to focus on this season. The Ice Truck killer and Trinity were absolutley the best and hard to top I think. But this season was good in a different way. Different doesn't necessarily mean bad though. I agree that Dexter's character is changing and really coming to know himself better in these past couple of seasons. Even though there really were a few gaping holes and bits of incredulity, I liked it a lot. Dexter has always had some superpowers..flight, mind reading, bending of time space continuum, super speed. We've always been asked to put aside some beliefs and use our imagination. That's okay with me. The jail phone call...the first thing I thought of was that it's impossible that it's not being monitored. I am curious to know what she's up to now ... Going to the Port alone?? Boneheadedness for sure. I'm sure the first thing that rookies learn is to call for back up, let alone a capitain.. Of course maybe this is why Matthews told her she wasn't a good detective, but rather better at playing the game.

I did NOT feel sorry for her at all, not even a bit... Since the very 1st season I've been waiting for her to get her comeuppance. I was actually hoping for even more humiliation for her. I even liked the ending and still think the acting is first rate.

Where was Harrison during this party? Except for Quinn, side stories were a bit lame. I was convinced this was the last season, so I'm happy to be wrong on that count. Looking forward to the next one, but was this a short one or is time just going quicker than normal? Could have sworn it just restarted not too long ago.....


Message Posted On Dec 17th, 2012, 4:42 am
It's like, is this review a troll review or something? jesus

Message Posted On Dec 17th, 2012, 2:03 am
Hey:) So first let me say that I totally respect your opinion and everything that you have talked about and this isn't mean to be an arguementative retort :) I really enjoyed this season for a couple of reasons. For one, I really felt that this season was all about Dexter really understanding who he is. The finale talked a lot about how he has been trying to fit in and be normal, but the fact is he isn't. He also tried to explain away his need to kill with "The Dark Passenger" but that is gone too. I really felt that the story shifted from Dexter "The Vigilante" to Dexter "The Murderer" because at the end of the day, that is what he is. I really felt that Hannah and Isaak were there to show Dexter what he is. They know what they are and they don't make "excuses" for it. As far as the season as a whole, i think all the side characters had incredibly weak storylines. They just seemed to menial and trivial. La Guerta, for as much as we love to hate her, was the most interesting when she discovered the connection to Dexter and the Bay Harbor Butcher. What's worse, is I truly felt bad for her when she knew without a doubt that Dexter was in fact the butcher. Someone had actually figured it out and nobody listened! It was so sad for her. Quinn and Angel and Masuka, I really feel like they are just there because they were on the show from the beginning. Personally I'd love for one of them to be killed by an extreme epic killer and have the season focused on that. It would give them a purpose at least. And poor Louis...he was so interesting in season 6, we knew that there was more to him then met the eye, but sadly they dispatched him far to quickly. I really felt that there was more to his character than we got to see. Perhaps contractual obligations limited his presence??? Now I thought that the ending was going to play out like this: Dexter tricks Laguerta, gets her on the table, Dexter can't go through with it, Hannah shows up and kills Laguerta. This would have driven home the fact that she won't tell on Dexter for his deeds, but also reinforce the statement Dexter made about her being in love with him. It keeps everyone safe, Dexter doesn't break his code, and La Guerta is taken care and the police have Hannah on the run. Instead though, they had Deb shoot her. It was intense, but I think the perfect reaction was given by Deb. She fired and instantly dove to Laguerta's side saying how sorry she was and that she hated Dexter. It was fantastic. The show ends of course with Dexter and Deb back at the party for new years, and Hannah gone away somewhere...possibly to return. For the final season, I do think they need a singular bad guy. The Ice Truck Killer was fantastic, TRINITY was just the same. They need a killer who is there throughout the entire season, really rounding it all out and taking it back to what Dexter started as. You could have Hannah come back, she loves Dexter so much she will kill ANYONE. Honestly I'd love for them to start killing off multiple cast members because it would be so shocking (and next season is the end so why not go out with a huge bang!) So as I said, these are just my thoughts on everything. I love Dexter as a show, and can fully admit that it hasn't had the best seasons ever (season 3 and 5 specifically for me) But lord knows i"ll be back to watch the final season come september:)
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