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I have never been a huge fan of CBS. Ever since I was a teenager, the network never really put on programs that appealed to me, with one glowing exception: 'How I Met Your Mother'.

Over the last few seasons though, I have have pulled away from the series a bit, as the concept seems stretched pretty thin. And I cannot stand Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor). I am not entirely sure if I do not like Mosby or Radnor as an actor, but having a terrible lead on a show with a great supporting cast hurts its appeal (in my eyes, of course).

Anyways, Carter Bays, the co-creator of 'HIMYM,' talked to TV Guide recently. Here are some highlights from that interview. To read the whole interview, please click on the link above.

Let's just get it out of the way: What's the latest on doing a Season 9? 
Carter Bays:
 We're going to write through [Episode] 14. We're not quite at the point where we have to diverge paths [to a Season 8 ending or a Season 9 ending]. At least through 2012, what we're working on works either way. I'm hoping we resolve that soon. We're coming up against the edge now. 

Do you think you'll know before the New Year or after?
 I'd like it to be resolved before the New Year, but I'm not sure. It's really difficult not knowing, but we're optimistic and confident that we'll know soon. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to have something to say about it in January. It's a weird situation. We'd be happy with either one. We hope it works out for 9 because we love working here and we love this job and we do feel like we have some great stories to tell in Season 9. But if this is the last season, we'd be able to say it was a well-told story.

You're definitely not going to go for 10? Nice round number.
 [Laughs] It's pretty safe to say 9 would be the last.

Things have taken a pretty unexpected turn with Barney and Patrice. Was this the plan for her when you introduced her?
 It was just something that felt like made sense for Barney, coming off dating a stripper in Quinn (Becki Newton), to over-correct and go in the opposite direction with the next person he dates. And we love Ellen Williams. She's fantastic and it also plays into Robin going after Barney — to have this person she hates be dating the guy she wants.

And he's going to propose to Patrice. Is he really or is it all a ploy and he's proposing to Robin?
 Well, Barney's always a sneaky guy. But Barney is moving very quickly with Patrice, and their relationship comes to a boiling point this episode. But we know he won't marry Patrice. We know that the series ends with Barney and Robin getting married. That's the one we can't hide, but we've concocted a windy route of them getting there.

Abby's the final hurdle before the mother, right?
 Yeah. She's the girl that makes him realize, "OK, enough messing around. I've been doing this for eight years and it's time to get out of this dating thing because this girl's nuts." We're still working out what she does to him because her [number of] episodes is undecided right now. That might have something to do with whether there are eight seasons or nine. 

Is she actually the last girlfriend? We've seen him try to do that before and it doesn't go anywhere.
 I know, but this will be the one that tops all of those. ... I know people are impatient and we appreciated the impatience. I would contend that most people who watch the show watch it this way. We're not trying to jerk anyone around, but if the series has a point, it's not about the destination, but the journey. It's about these five friends. We're not making Mad About You. It's notHow I Romanced Your Mother, which would be a great show and there have been great iterations of that, but that's not the show we're doing. I appreciate people's frustrations and would maybe ask them to forget the show's title. If we had called it Ted and His Buddies or something, maybe there'd be fewer complaints.

Does that imply that we won't see the courtship of the mother?
 I still can't say. [Laughs] But we're going to start, I'm sure, frustrating a large segment of the viewership by answering a couple of small questions this season here and there before getting to the big shebang. We will get a couple more glimpses of her this year.

What's in store for Marshall and Lily? Will Lily go back to work?
 Lily's going to have an interesting career crisis in the second half of the season. I feel like she's due for a big story and it's the right time for it. When you first have a baby, the first eight months are great and then you hit that turning point where you realize this isn't a temporary thing; this is forever. I think Lily's going to have that realization that she's really a mother. And Marshall's still dealing with the fallout from the pharmaceutical case.

- How I Met Your Mother

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 16th, 2012, 9:01 pm

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