Fringe: Watch Walter's 'Monty Python'-inspired acid trip from Friday's episode

Fringe is a series that has always thought outside the box. The FOX sci-fi series, which is currently approaching the end of its final season, has always made room for the particularly weird -- be it a marijuana-inspired musical episode ("Brown Betty") or a strange, cartoon-ified trip into the mind of one of its main characters ("Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"). As you might have guessed, these instances of spontaneous insanity are usually motivated in the storyline by Walter's penchant for psychedelic drugs. Friday's episode, "Black Blotter," continued this trend by having Walter take some LSD in an attempt to open up his mind -- a tactic that, despite some initial setbacks, actually proved useful. 

Case in point: this brilliant scene from the episode, in which Walter has a hallucination directly inspired by Terry Gilliam's animation from Monty Python's flying circus. It's a rather fantastic sequence, complete with a cartoonized version of Walter and some pretty direct allusions to Python (the arm trees, that iconic foot). You should at least crack a smile at the song playing throughout the sequence, Frank Weir's "The Happy Wanderer." 

Check out the sequence below. What did you think of it? What about the episode, "Black Blotter," as a whole? Let us know in the comments section. 

Fringe will return on Friday, December 21 with the episode "Anomaly XB-6783746," which is thankfully the show's last episode to include a lengthy, number-filled title. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Dec 17th, 2012, 8:47 pm


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