Will Jimmy Fallon inherit "The Tonight Show" in 2014?

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon

The fate of “The Tonight Show” is uncertain in the coming years, as long time host Jay Leno’s contract with the show expires in 2014. Leno began substituting regularly for Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show” in 1987 and replaced Carson as host in 1992 even though it was expected that the show was to be handed to David Letterman. In 2004, both Leno and late night host Conan O’Brien signed contracts with NBC which would have Leno’s reign end and Conan take over the reins in 2009.

Tonight Show host Jay LenoLeno went on to host “The Jay Leno Show”, but when ratings for both Conan and Leno began to sag, NBC decided to bump Leno to the 11:35pm time slot and move “The Tonight Show” with Conan to 12:05. This did not sit well with Conan. : "I sincerely believe that delaying The Tonight Show into the next day to accommodate another comedy program will seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting. “The Tonight Show” at 12:05 simply isn’t “The Tonight Show”." said Conan. Conan left the network to start his own show on TBS, and on March 1st 2010, Leno settled back into his role as “Tonight Show” host.

Now, the time has come again for the network to make a decision about who will take over the iconic talk show if or when Leno leaves for good. Word is that talent agents have been contacted by NBC to start looking for someone to take over Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” duties, which leads us to believe that he may be next in line for “Tonight Show” inheritance. “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” debuted in 2009 and has since seen a steady improvement in ratings and reviews. 38 year old Fallon could be an interesting replacement for Leno with the potential to stay with the show long term.

How would you feel about Fallon becoming the new “Tonight Show” host? Do you think Leno should stick around for a few more years?

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Written by: harrisr
Dec 18th, 2012, 5:33 am


Message Posted On Jan 3rd, 2014, 10:20 pm
Louis CK? Right


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@in_correct: While you are certainly entitled to your own opinion of whether Jay is funny or not, I'd suggest you read Bill Carter's book "The Late Shift" if you want to get more of an idea about why people like myself regard Jay as a not-so-nice guy. The picture it paints of Leno is one of a conniving and selfish person, who was willing to stab his old friend David Letterman in the back the moment he had a shot at hosting The Tonight Show.


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Source please?! this sounds like rumor, speculation, and bias.

Jay leno is not screwing anybody. I enjoy jay leno's program and his headlines segment. nobody can do this better than jay leno. if jay leno leaves the tonight show, than he should host a syndicated program. 

As for jimmy fallon, who is he and who cares who he is?! As for show hosts that I know of, my favorites are jay leno, craig ferguson, kelly ripa, and wendy williams. 

My least favorites are david letterman, oprah winfrey, katie couric, conan o'brien, and jimmy fallon.



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rtruell brings up a good point. If I were Fallon, I'd say thanks but no thanks to replacing Leno. I would not at all put it past either Leno or NBC to screw over Jimmy like they did Conan. I'm not even a big fan of Fallon's show (although it's funny enough most nights), but I'd hate to see Jay claim another victim.


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msd85: "Anybody is better than Leno"


Agreed.  I stopped watching after realizing just how bad he was as a host.  Then I found out how he screwed Letterman out of the show.  Then he screwed Conan out of the show as well.  Leno's just scum.  Now that his true colours have been shown, I wonder if anyone else will be willing to take a chance on being the next one to be screwed out of the show.




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Anybody is better than Leno.


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Let Louis C.K. do it! :D

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