LOST's Sam Anderson nabs recurring 'Justified' role

Actor Sam Anderson, best known for playing Bernard Nadler for five seasons of ABC's drama series LOST, has nabbed a recurring role on the upcoming fourth season of FX's series Justified, it has been reported. 

The actor, whose numerous television credits include The X-Files, Dallas, Hawaii Five-O, and Grey's Anatomy, will have his own multi-episode arc on the Timothy Olyphant-starring series, portraying a "rugged and manipulative funeral director who crosses paths with (and confides in) Walton Goggins’ Boyd," according to TVLine

He sounds a little villainous, doesn't he? Well, he can join the club. Justified has a habit of nabbing LOST alumni to portray villainous (or at best morally dubious) characters. Season 1's big bad was played by M.C. Gainey (Tom Friendly). Season 2 introduced Coover Bennett, played by Brad William Henke (Bram from LOST's fifth season) and his brother Dickie, played delightfully by Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday), who won an Emmy for his recurring role during the show's third season. And then, of course, there's Raymond J. Barry, who played Jack Shephard's grandfather in LOST's fifth season, who plays Raylan's crazy, violent dad, Arlo. 

Of course, most of those characters are either in prison or dead, so we probably won't get to see a mini-reunion in Justified season 4, but it's still nice to see yet another actor from the series pop up. 

Justified will kick off its fourth season Tuesday, January 8 on FX. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Dec 18th, 2012, 4:11 pm

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