Leah Remini sued by ex-managers

ReminiLeah Remini has been a bad girl, according to her former managers. They have sued the actress in an attempt to get their portion of her $100,000 per episode pay for the upcoming ABC comedy 'Family Tools.'

The Collective, the management company filing the suit, says that Remini agreed to an oral contract with them in November of 2011, saying she would pay them the normal 10 percent commission from any earnings they helped her come to. Before agreeing to join The Collective, Remini reached a talent-holding deal with ABC. Both Remini and The Collective agreed to wave her $330,000 "holding fee" and $165,000 "advance talent fees".

However, The Collective feels it is owed a commission from the series deal, as it was reached soon after she joined them. Remini fired The Collective in October of this year, "without warning or justification," and does not want to pay them.


The lawsuit reads that, "notwithstanding Plaintiff's counsel in furthering Remini's career, which among other things led her to landing a role in the ABC television series Family Tools, Remini refuses to pay Plaintiff for its services in direct breach of the talent management agreement entered into between Plaintiff and Remini. Remini's behavior will not be tolerated."

Family Tools launches May 1. She is to be paid $100,000 per episode, with four percent raises in any following seasons. So far 10 episodes have been filmed.

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- Leah Remini

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 18th, 2012, 5:29 pm


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Good judgment to use a (very) old picture, instead of a more recent one. ;)

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Scientologist will make the problem go away :)


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I'd like to agree to her oral contract...

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