White Collar Goes Back to School, and Other TV to Rage About Tonight

Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer) infiltrates a prestigious Manhattan prep school in White Collar's "Upper West Side Story."Welcome to Tuesday, January 24th!  Your round of weekly TV continues as tonight sees the airing of a few new shows worth your while, but most of your favorite TV will be pre-empted by President Obama's 2012 State of the Union address, taking place on all major networks from 9:00pm - 10:30pm.

Did you check out the new episode of Alcatraz last night, or were you more interested in NBC's Fear Factor?  Will you be keeping up with the nation by watching tonight's State of the Union?  Read on, for your guide to how to kick off the week right!

Time to start prepping your Superbowl parties and curl up at night with the best shows on the best night of the week for TV, and TVRage has your guide to everything you need to watch tonight!

90210 - "Mama Can You Hear Me?" - While Annie discovers Liam's girlfriend might have caused his motorcycle accident, Navid finds out new information about Greg's daughter as Silver considers Greg's offer to move to New York.  The CW, 8:00 - 9:00pm, ET

The Biggest Loser - "Week 4" - Bob and Dolvett believe some of the contestants could be working harder, while the teams compete in a battering ram challene to win gym rights.  NBC, 8:00 - 9:00pm, ET

2012 State of the Union Address - In his third State of the Union, President Obama will highlight his plan for the nation’s economic recovery as well as begin making a case for reelection.  All Major Networks, 9:00 - 10:30pm, ET

Justified - "Cut Ties" - Guest starring Carla Gugino, the mure of a fellow marshal brings Ryaln into contact with a woman from his past, while Boyd looks to confront Dickie Bennett in prison.  FX, 10:00 - 11:00pm, ET

Southland - "Underwater" - An assailant attacks Tang and Cooper on the street, while Joel Rucker takes over as captain and Lydia and Ruben ride with another officer.  TNT, 10:00 - 11:00pm, ET

White Collar - "Upper West Side Story" - Neal poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious Manhattan prep school when scholarship funds go missing, while Peter and the FBI investigate where the money is really going.  USA, 10:00 - 11:00pm, ET

What will YOU be watching?

- 90210
- The Biggest Loser
- Justified
- Southland
- White Collar
- CW
- FX
- USA Network

Written by: TVKevLance
Jan 24th, 2012, 2:00 pm

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