Drama about the birth of hip-hop in development at Starz

Starz's attempt to get into the original programming game hasn't been without its stumbling blocks. Unlike AMC, who struck a critical one-two punch with their first attempts at original drama (Mad Men and Breaking Bad), Starz has had considerably less success. With the exception of their series Spartacus, which enters its final season next year, not a single Starz series has been given a lifespan of longer than two seasons. Magic City, the network's stab at a period drama, has been renewed for a second season but its ratings are holding on by a thread. 

Despite these setbacks, Starz isn't showing any signs of giving up. In fact, the show's list of upcoming shows outnumbers those that have already premiered, which is rather impressive. The closest to premiering is the historical fantasy Da Vinci's Demons, which is slated to kick off in the spring. Historical drama Marco Polo, pirate actioner Black Sails, action series Noir, and several more are in the network's upcoming queue -- and now, you can add hip-hop drama Turf to that list. 

It was announced on Tuesday that the network was developing the series, a 1970s-set drama following the birth of hip-hop in the gang scene of Brooklyn. The series will be written by Patrick Macmanus, who is also heading up the CW's upcoming series Sleepy Hollow with Grant Scharbo. 

It's unknown just how historically accurate Turf will be, or which hip-hop icons will be a part of the series. DJ Kool Herc? Afrika Bambaataa? It'll be worth a watch just to find out. 

No projected premiere date was announced for Turf, but it is likely looking at a 2014 premiere. We'll keep you posted. 


- Patrick MacManus
- starz

Written by: mcpherson
Dec 18th, 2012, 11:58 pm

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