HBO adapting Lydia Diamond's play 'Stick Fly'

Stick Fly

This is exciting news: in a very rare move, HBO is adapting Detroit playwright Lydia Diamond's successful stage play 'Stick Fly' into a television series. It has been a very long time since television executives have turned to the niche art market of theatre (whether it's Broadway or not) and the specialty station has optioned the drama about the secrets of prejudice, hypocrisy and adultery that are exposed during an African-American family's weekend at Martha's Vineyard. Diamond herself is inset in the bottom right corder of the photo above, depicting a scene during the production.

HBO is also showing that they are intelligent enough to not want to mess with a good thing: Diamond herself is being brought on board to pen the television adaptation of the material and the play's original executive producers, Nelle Nugent and Alicia Keys, are part of the HBO deal as well.

Alicia KeysKeys, also an actor and musician, produced the music for the play, which will carry over the music in tone for the television series. Nugent, a star in the Broadway world, has amassed five straight Tony Awards for her work in 'Dracula,' 'The Elephant Man,' 'Mornings at Seven,' 'Amadeus,' and 'Nicholas Nickelby.'

'Stick Fly' has received a script commitment from HBO for an hourlong drama. 'Stick Fly' joins other upcoming HBO drama pilots like 'The Missionary' with Benjamin Walker and 'Criminal Justice,' set to star James Gandolfini.

The cast of the Broadway version of 'Stick Fly' included Dule Hill ('Psych') and Mekhi Phifer ('ER.') No word yet on whether or not these television stars will be brought on board the HBO version of Diamond's project.

More on 'Stick Fly' as this exciting adaptation develops.


- Alicia Keys

Written by: bad_subject
Dec 19th, 2012, 11:12 am

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