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LA Complex

Earlier this month, it was announced that the Canadian-made drama 'The L.A. Complex' (about a group of twenty-somethings trying to make their dreams come true in Los Angeles) wasn't being picked up for a third season by its Canadian production company Bell Media. It is no surprise that, a couple short weeks later, 'The L.A. Complex' American affiliate, the CW, announced that it would not be picking up the production.

It seems that Abby Vargas (played by Canadian actress Cassie Steele) has seen the end of her story.

The sad fact is, it wasn't a particularly happy ending. The cliffhanger finale to the second season was never intended to act as a series finale. Things had taken a turn for the worse for almost every one of the show's principal characters; the ending of season two was not unlike the ending of the third season of HBO series 'Deadwood,' which inadvertently became one of the most disappointing series finales in history.

Just how sad was the second season finale? Well check out this synopsis from the show's Wikipedia entry (spoilers, naturally):

"Beth learns that her father has forcibly taken Simon away and wants take Simon with him back to Canada. Connor tells Roxanne and the members of Scientenics about Charlotte kissing him and it leads to her being taken away by the church members for "redemption" and leaving Connor feeling alone and abandoned once again. Abby has to say goodbye to Gray who leaves for Germany to return to the Air Force. After another failed audition and learning that her talent agent, Ron, had decided to drop her, the bad-luck prone Abby is stuck all by herself once again. Meanwhile, Sabrina tells Nick that he has taken a job in New Orleans, leading Nick to choose if he wants to go with her or stay in L.A. and risk not seeing her ever again. Also, Kal is blackmailed by Darius for $5 million as to not reveal his homosexuality to the public."

That is DEPRESSING stuff. And it would seem that this is where we leave things for our heroes.

This year we've seen more than one series saved from the grave due to an outcry of fandom, including 'Arrested Development' and 'The Killing.' If there are enough fans of 'The LA Complex' out there, time will tell if any of the dangling plotlines above are given a chance to wrap up.

 Presumably, the CW was no longer interested in 'The L.A. Complex' because it didn't involve archery in any fashion. Given the announcement of 'Sherwood' being developed at the network, there is a distinct bow & arrow flavor to CW's dramas of late.


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Dec 21st, 2012, 7:58 am

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