FX greenlights animated comedy from Danny McBride

Danny McBride


It looks like FX is hoping to build on the success of 'Archer' with another off-the-wall comedy animated series. This time the network is turning to actor-turned-producer Danny McBride, the star of the hit HBO series 'Eastbound & Down.'

The title of the project that McBride is developing for FX is 'Chosen;' it is being produced by McBride's Rough Pictures along with partners Jody Hill and David Gordon Green. The project is designed to showcase Grant Dekernion, an up-and-coming writer who worked as a writer's assistant on 'Eastbound & Down.' Dekernion will not only be penning 'Chosen' but will be providing the voice of the principal FX logocharacter on the series.

'Chosen' is about a rapper who comes out of the joint with a new message and new skills—which he will use in his quest for redemption and domination. Given that Dekernion has no other voice acting credits to his name, it seems that Rough Pictures is hoping for an unique sound and appearance, along the lines of the idiosynchratic vocal stylings of FX's animated hit 'Archer' (which was recently renewed for a fourth season). 'Unsupervised,' another animated series at FX, has just wrapped up its initial season to lukewarm audience reception. 

McBride's producer credits can only be described as hit-or-miss, with the hit 'Eastbound & Down' coming under his banner along with the ill-received feature film 'Your Highness.' Will 'Chosen' return McBride to the top of the A-list?

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Written by: bad_subject
Dec 21st, 2012, 8:31 am

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