Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy cast in 'The Saint' reboot

The SaintRecently we announced that Adam Rayner won the lead role of Simon Templar in an upcoming reboot of 'The Saint;' today, the rest of the cast was rounded out and it is looking mighty impressive indeed.

In a very classy nod to the previous incarnations of the character, Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy, the last two men to portray Templar on the small screen, have both been cast in the upcoming reboot.

Moore is co-producing the pilot as well, ensuring that the old-fashioned 'Saint' series that we all love will not be sullied by this latest version. Hey, it can't be worse than 1997's feature version starring Val Kilmer.

Moore and OgilvyMoore and Ogilvy join Rayner and newly-cast love interest Eliza Dushku ('Dollhouse,' 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'), but that's just the beginning of this impressive ensemble. Joining them are James Remar ('Dexter'), Enrique Murciano ('CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'), Thomas Kretschmann ('Wanted'), Beatrice Rosen ('The Dark Knight'), Yani Gellman ('90210'), Greg Grunberg ('Heroes'), Michael Ornstein ('Sons Of Anarchy'), Sonalii Castillo ('Heroes'), Sammi Hanratty ('A Christmas Carol'), Oliver Bell ('The Sparticle Mystery'), Kirsty Mitchell ('Capone’s Boys'), and Jason Brooks ('Star Trek'). Oh, is that all?

'The Saint'is the latest installment of stories based on Leslie Charteris' book series (marking seventy titles) about Simon Templar (Rayner), a brilliant criminal who uses his considerable illicit skills as a modern-day Robin Hood as he infuriates local law enforcement and woos Patricia Holm (Dushku), his on-again, off-again romance.

The character has spawned seven feature films and several television series, following in the footsteps of the popular radio drama that initially adapted the novels into multimedia. In a very rare move, 'The Saint' is moving forward with its pilot despite not yet having a network attached to the project. With a cast like this and the positive buzz surrounding Moore himself bringing Templar back into our living rooms, I'd expect quite a bidding war to erupt over this particular property. Remember Rayner's name: he seems poised for big things, ahead

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- The Saint

Written by: bad_subject
Dec 21st, 2012, 11:43 am

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