Ireland getting localized 'Cheers'


"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. 
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. 
Wouldn't you like to get away, fella?"

The Dublin-based Sideline Productions company is bringing an Irish-language version of all-time great sitcom 'Cheers' to the air in Ireland on the Irish-language station TG4. Micheal O’Meallaigh, TG4's commissioning director, played an integral role in getting approval to from CBS for the localized version, with Sideline Productions calling his role "hugely supportive and across the negotiations from the very start."

The deal was finalized last week and will see the show, tentatively titled 'Teach Seán,' set in a rural Irish bar. Casting and translating the scripts will begin next month - so apparently they are going to copy the source material pretty directly.

Billy McGrath, Sideline creative director, said that the goal was working on the first two seasons of the show "with a view of re-writing and re-versioning 10 to 12 episodes set in a picturesque town in the West of Ireland." If the series is funded, it will begin shooing later next year, with an airdate goal of January 2014.

Viewers can expect to see Sam Malone turned from a baseball player into an Irish athlete, as well as localized versions of Norm Peterson, Cliff Claven and Carla Tortelli.

"I know some people think it’s crazy but Sideline is now focused on both scripted and non-scripted formats. We already produce Irish versions of international formats Mastermind, Take Me Out and The Great British Bake Off for Irish audiences, so why not Cheers?," said McGrath. "Actually with a scripted format we have a lot more freedom and while we will have access to the original 275 Cheers scripts we want to adapt the 10 or 12 we need for the Irish market. The decision to option Cheers is also a strategic one as the deal gives us a brilliant insider education on the execution, casting, writing and top class production values of one of most celebrated studio shows in TV comedy history."



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First i've heard of it, but TG4 always have good shows on there & some shows that other networks wont show like Breaking BaD

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