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CNN lands Jake Tapper from ABC News


CNN has given ABC News the ol' stiff arm and stolen away one of the organization's top talents.

Jake Tapper is heading to CNN to become its chief Washington correspondent, as well as host a program each week on the network. He has served as ABC's chief White House correspondent since the 2008 election and covered President Barack Obama extensively during the 2012 election. 

Martha Raddatz will be getting a promotion, as she changes from a foreign affairs correspondent to the chief global foreign affairs correspondent. With this new role, Raddatz will become increasingly seen on all the ABC News programs and the primary substitute anchor on 'The Week' for George Stephanopoulous.

ABC News president Ben Sherwood wrote an email to the ABC News staff about Tapper's departure, as well as the promotion of Jonathan Karl to take his spot as the chief White House correspondent.

"For years, Jake has set the pace for the White House press corps," said Sherwood. "A ferocious reporter – and now a best-selling author - he has built a reputation as one of the most prolific and multi-talented journalists on the beat, scoring scoop after scoop."

This move has been rumored for some time now. Tapper initially denied wanting to leave ABC News, but was apparently angered when he was passed over to succeed Stephanopoulous on 'This Week' by Christiane Amanpour, who has since left the position. He was then bypassed to replace Amanpour by Stephanopoulous. 


- Jake Tapper

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 21st, 2012, 12:32 pm


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