Review: The League - 4.13 - "The Curse of Shiva"

FX's "The League" closes out the season with a bang, as the curse that's plagued the gang all season is lifted and presumably the Shiva namesake is retired.

The League

Pete vies for the title of Shiva Bowl champion with off-screen "League" member Ted. Unfortunately, the player who has taken him to first (Adrian Peterson, in a guest role) is also dating the girl who so recently made him cry, Gina (Brooklyn Decker). Ted's victory post on the league message boards suggests that we may actually get to meet one of the silent members next year. Who would be the best choice to fill the role?

On the other end of the spectrum, Ruxin once again finds himself in the Sacko Bowl (risking "bi-sack-suality"). If that weren't enough, he's also getting quite a bit of competition for semen donors. From his dad offering his artificial (and traditional) insemination services in the previous episode to now Taco and Rafi (yes, Sofia's brother). Thankfully, Ruxin's own little swimmers are back in business, and he employs self-defense expert Rafi to protect his boys from potential injury. Shockingly, Rafi punching the league members in the balls is pretty funny.

Who better to teach a women's self-defense class than Rafi? I mean, he's probably the guy most of the women will meet in a dark alley anyway, may as well get the information direct from the source. He drops some serious knowledge bombs, from "PYH: Protect Your Holes" to nunchucks actually being two dildos connected by a chain. Also, for those who enjoyed Nadine Velazquez's bare ass a couple weeks ago, stay tuned for some serious camel toe thanks to her incredible yoga pants. Good lord.

Sure enough, we get resolutions to the Shiva Curse that has plagued the whole season, with none of the regular crew taking the ultimate prize and Andre... I can't even mention Andre's relationship downfall. Wow.

After a pretty shaky fourth season, it's nice to see "The League" go out on a high note (or a brown note, as it were). I can't help but think that some of the recurring plot points like Ruxin as League Commish could have been utilized better throughout the season, but there it is. All in all, probably the show's weakest season overall, but it also hit some pretty unmissable high points as well.

Final Grade: A

- The League
- Janina Gavankar
- Brooklyn Decker
- Nadine Velazquez
- FX

Written by: kyleiam
Dec 21st, 2012, 3:58 pm

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