Archer: Watch a new trailer and clips from season 4

One of the best (if not the best) animated comedies on television is FX's Archer, a cleverly-written series about the airheaded-yet-somehow-suave spy Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin). The show is returning for its fourth season on January 17, less than a month away. A new trailer for the season promises higher stakes and deadlier missions, but juxtaposes such promises with clips of Archer hallucinating that Cyril, Ray, and the rest of his team are alligators, or falling, unconscious, shirtless, and with an RPG launcher strapped to his back, from the ceiling, as all of his co-workers watch. 

"Just like Fourth of Ju-luau," Pam remarks. 

"Yeah," Cheryl chuckles. "If you slid a pig under him." 

But wait, there are more looks at Archer season 4! Here's an alternate version of the ceiling fall from the trailer: 

Here, Archer helps someone come to terms with jumping off a train: 

Here, Archer reflects on the dumbest things he's ever said: 

Here's the reference to FOX series Bob's Burgers (also featuring the voice of Jon Benjamin): 

Archer reacts to some sad news from Lana: 

Here, Archer (in fuzzy handcuffs, might I point out) speculates that he's being hunted by predator: 

Lana makes some comments about Archer: 

A beaten-up Archer rants about the rise of the machines: 

Ray continues to struggle with being in a wheelchair: 

And, finally, Archer picks up some Valentines' goodies: 

Archer season 4 premieres January 17 on FX. 


- Archer (2009)
- H. Jon Benjamin
- FX

Written by: mcpherson
Dec 21st, 2012, 4:42 pm


Message Posted On Dec 23rd, 2012, 10:18 pm
Best adult animation ever, how about Archer to the 4th power, yeah thats it.
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