Huge TV memorabilia collection needs a new home


Do you have any free room around your house that you would be interested in turning into a TV museum? What about the entire house? 

James Comisar is a collector who has spent the last 25 years collecting all the TV memorabilia he could get his hands on - from George Reeeves' 'Superman' costume to the set of 'The Tonight Show' from the Johnny Carson years and even the guns used by Tony Soprano on 'The Sopranos.'

"Along the way people thought I was nuts in general for wanting to conserve Keith Partridge's flared pants from `The Partridge Family,'" said Comisar, a former TV writer. "But they really thought I needed a psychological workup, when they learned I was having museum curators take care of these pieces."

Now Comisar is looking for a museum that will house his nearly 10,000 pieces of TV memorabilia. As of now, his collection fills two large, temperature-controlled warehouses. After amassing his massive collection, Comissar realized that without a permanent home his life's work could end up being displayed at the local trash dump. Or, just as bad in his eyes, in the hand's of private collectors.

"Some of the biggest bidders for Hollywood memorabilia right now reside in mainland China and Dubai, and our history could leave this country forever," said Comisar.

His collection would, if sold, make him a millionaire several times over. But he does not even consider that, saying that, "I've spent 25 years now reuniting these pieces, and I would be so sick if some day they were just broken up and sold to the highest bidder."

Comisar thinks he has found the site for a museum, near Phoenix. He believes it will cost $35 million and several years to open, but wants to have a preview center ready for viewing sometime in 2013.

I would definitely check out his museum. Would you?

- Superman (1941)

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 26th, 2012, 8:31 am

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