'Homeland' star admits season 2 was not as 'intense' as first season

Earlier this year, it would have been hard for you to find a more-buzzed about show than Homeland. Going into its second season, the series seemed like an out-of-left-field juggernaut that had not only gained critical adoration, but had somehow managed to topple the long-standing Emmy reign of the television institution known as Mad Men. 

That's why, when season 2 hit its slump (and it seems inevitable that it would, really), the speed bumps were more prominent. Though the fifth episode of the season, "Q&A," was billed by some as a series best, when the series reached the episode "Broken Hearts" a little over a month later, critics lambasted the series for perceived unrealism. Though the season 2 finale did much to keep the series in critics' good graces, its reputation at the end of season 2 was badly hurt. 

Star David Harewood, who played David Estes on the first two seasons of the show, recently spoke with Vulture on why he felt the second season wasn't as strong as the first. 

"It didn’t feel quite as intense," he is quoted as saying. "Season one was crazy intense; every time you got a new script you sat down and you’d read and were just astonished by it. I think season two was a little … I think the intensity had slightly changed. I don’t think it was quite as intense. . ."

"[Season 1 had] a stronger narrative. It was so complicated. . . there were all these different aspects of the story that we knew were going to come together, whereas I think having exposed Brody in episode five, none of us really new what was going to happen. . . it just didn’t seem very tense. It just didn’t seem very taught, very tight. It became more about family and love, I suppose, and that wasn’t quite what season one was about," he continued. 

But don't think that Harewood is bitter about his character's explosive death in the season 2 finale. He's still a defender of the series, remarking that arguments about implausibility simply don't matter to UK fans of the series, who he says are just "lapping [the series] up." 

Homeland will return for season 3 in 2013. 


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Season 2 didn't feel like a "slump" at all to me. The action was, in the mid-section, much less obvious and in-your-face than in the first season. But superficial action is not the only kind of action, there's also internal action, the tensions of characters, which I felt this season was rich with. There were fewer shocking revelations, unlike before we largely knew who the players and what their intentions were. But that allowed the writers to go more deeply into the characters and show how their conflicts almost ripped them apart. It sort of shifted from a suspense about what bomb is going to explose, to a suspense about what character is going to explode! I didn't know how they would be able to keep the plot interesting after the first season, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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