Hitchcock TV film draws criticism


I do not think anyone who knew Alfred Hitchcock would say he was an easy guy to piegonhole. But a new film from BBC and HBO is drawing criticism, as people who knew the famous director say the film paints him in an unfair light.

'The Girl' shows Hitchcock as physically abusing and sexually harassing actress Tippi Hedren on the set of 'The Birds' and 'Marnie.' According to those in the know, it did not happen.

"He had nothing but admiration and respect for Hitch, understood his clever cockney sense of humour, and thought the man a genius. If he was here today, I doubt that he would have any negative comments and would be saddened by the image portrayed of his friend and mentor," said Nora Brown, the widow of Hitchcock's assistant director Jim Brown, who worked on both films.

In taped interviews, Jim Brown talked about the claims, saying that, "Some of the things that are expressed about him are highly over exaggerated. I think Hitch became upset because he thought Tippi wasn't fulfilling the star quality that he thought she had or was looking for."

'The Girl' had other crew members that worked with Hitchcock as consultants, but they have spoken out against what the film portrays.

Wardrobe supervisor Rita Riggs said that, "I told the BBC when they came to interview me, 'I will not dish the dirt'." Speaking out against abuse 'The Girl' shows Hitchcock subjecting his starlet to, she added that, "I really don't buy that and I'm sorry the BBC has taken that line. I was on set all the time... And I have nothing but kind words to say about Mr. Hitchcock."

What do you make of this?

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Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 27th, 2012, 9:14 pm


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It's all but written by Tippi Hedren, definitely a woman with a bone to pick. It's well-known that Hitch wasn't always easy to work with, few men of his kind are. But the fact is that Hedren simply never was a particularly good actress, and that's probably why she felt it more than others. Now that she fears history will forget her as just another mediocre one-hit starlet, she tries dishing out dirt in a last effort to be remembered. It's a bit sad. It's not just the accounts of other people who worked with Hitch at the time, but also her own documented past actions and statements, which can't all be attributed to just being afraid of a ruined career if she didn't toe the line.



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I figure it's somewhere in the middle. Hitch had a well known thing for blondes, and several of his leading ladies have long been rumored to have received unwanted sexual advances during production. The film probably just took his more mild advances and dramatized them to the nth degree to make things more interesting. I find it hard to believe that he could have gotten away with that kind of horrific treatment of one of his stars, even back in the 60's.

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