Hannah Storm returns to TV after accident

An ESPN anchor is back on the job after a propane tank exploded at her home in Connecticut.

Hannah Strm

Hannah Storm, 50, appeared Tuesday morning co- hosting the 2013 Rose Parade coverage on ABC. The accident had not been formally announced until her return on New Year’s Day.

On Dec. 11 Storm was preparing dinner when a “wall of fire” hit her while she tried to light the grill.

She received second- degree burns on her chest and hands. She also sustained first- degree burns on the face and neck. She also had her eyebrows, eyelashes and half of her hair burned off

Storm tweeted a few days ago that should would be hosting the coverage with Josh Elliott from “Good Morning America.” Elliot also tweeted a pic of Storm under a wide- brimmed hat on Monday.

Other than a bandage over her left hand, there was not much noticeably different about Storm’s appearance. She also reportedly had extensions filling in for hair lost in the accident.

ESPN expects Storm will return to the Bristol, Connecticut “Sportscenter” studio for Sunday’s episode. She also has said she will attend the Notre Dame- Alabama national championship football game.

- Hannah Storm

Written by: KurtK26
Jan 1st, 2013, 7:50 pm

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