Is Ann Curry going to CNN?

CurryMaybe Matt Lauer can finally get a good night's sleep once again.

Ann Curry, who had a difficult end to her 2012 as she was dropped unceremoniously from NBC's 'Today' program, has asked NBC to release her from her contract so that she take a "high-profile anchor position" with CNN, according to TV Guide.

CNN is also welcoming former NBC head and 'Today' executive producer Jeff Zucker, who becomes the president of the network in February. It seems like Curry would have a potentially strong ally at CNN if this report is correct.

"Ann wants out of her contract, big time," said a source close to Ann. "She has formally asked her attorney to explore exit options from the network. However, NBC bosses have indicated they are unwilling to release Ann from the contract."

The potential holdup is a non-compete clause. If Curry quits, she cannot work for a competition for two years. But her lawyers say that NBC violated that agreement when they demoted Curry in the summer.

Last month, rumors spread that Zucker wanted Curry to fill the 8 p.m. CNN timeslot that Anderson Cooper currently holds. Would you watch Curry's program if that is what they offered her?

- Anne E. Curry

Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 2nd, 2013, 11:10 am

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