Comedian arrested in Jimmy Savile scandal


A British comedian who was a prominent game show host on the BBC in the 1990s has been arrested by London police as the probe into the alleged sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile continues.

Jim Davidson, the 59-year-old comedian arrested, "vigorously denies" the charges levied against him by two women. Both women were in their mid-20s when the alleged offenses happened.

"Jim vigorously denies the allegations," his lawyer said. "He answered police questions as fully as he was able after this passage of time."

Davidson is the ninth person arrested in relation to the Savile investigation. Davidson has not been charged at this time.

The comedian is best known for his worn on 'The Generation Game' and 'Big Break.' Rumors also persist that Davidson was a contestant on the latest season of 'Celebrity Big Brother.' The cast for that show is expected to be announced later today.

Another unnamed man was arrested as well, with both arrests not involving the charges against Savile directly, rather information that has come out during questioning.

Other people arrested in relation to the charges include pop star Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr and public relations practitioner Max Clifford.

This story just gets bigger and bigger by the day, with no end in sight.

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Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 3rd, 2013, 8:44 am

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