'Hardcore Pawn: Chicago' breaks TruTV record


Americans cannot get enough of the pawn business. TruTV's flagship program, 'Hardcore Pawn,' recently debuted its spinoff, the Chicago-set 'Hardcore Pawn: Chicago.' And the show is already a smash hit.

Its premiere episode, which aired on Tuesday, drew 2.1 million viewers at 9:30 p.m., which broke the previous network record for a series debut of 2 million viewers, which occurred during a 'Hardcore Pawn' broadcast in 2010. 'Hardcore Pawn: Chicago' also broke records in key demos, such as the adult 18-to-49 demo, where it drew 1 million adults. In addition, it drew 602,000 men in that demo - higher than anticipated numbers. 

'Hardcore Pawn' remains the king of TruTV, as its new episode at 9 p.m. the same evening drew 2.8 million viewers. In the same demo, it pulled down 1.4 million viewers, including 827,000 men.

The success of both series made Tuesday night the most viewed Tuesday in TruTV company history. Bravo to the pawn shows.

I just do not get the fascination people have with programs like this. If you are a fan, what appeals to you about seeing people pawn their goods? It seems like it would be more depressing than enjoyable, watching people struggling financially and having no other avenue left.


- Hardcore Pawn: Chicago

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Jan 3rd, 2013, 8:56 am


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Same reason that Cops and other reality shows are on the air - people like seeing others in situations worse than them?

I'm just hoping for that day when we can return to a scripted television world.. Sadly, it seems there's more scripted shows on Youtube than on broadcast networks.

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