Canadian networks look to American reality programming for content


A trend is quickly emerging in the programming that Canadian stations will be bringing to Canucks in 2013 - localized versions of popular American reality programs.

Based in no small part of the success that American programs such as 'American Idol,' 'Big Brother,' 'America’s Got Talent' and 'The Bachelor' have experienced up north, Canadian networks slowly started dipping their toes into the reality water, bringing programs such as 'Canadian Idol' and 'The Bachelor Canada' to air, as well as 'Real Housewives of Vancouver' and 'Top Chef Canada.' 

More localized versions of programs are coming, as 'The Amazing Race' and 'Big Brother' will debut in Canada in 2013.

Rogers Media partnered with 'The Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss and Next Entertainment to bring 'The Bachelor Canada' to the air. So far, it has succeeded.

“Everyone judges us against that show,” Claire Freeland, director of original programming at  Rogers Media, said. “If you don’t give them quality, they’ll feel they’re getting a second-rate reality show."

“Pound for pound, it’s as good as our American counterpart,” Tyler Harcott, who hosted The Bachelor Canada, said about the program, which featured CFL star Brad Smith finding a bride.

Shaw Media is producing 'Big Brother Canada,' and has high expectations for the program - perhaps not as high as the audience, however.

“You need to make the show as good as the American show. It’s not exactly the same show, but has to be as good,” said Shaw Media senior vp of content Barb Williams.

Reality is here to stay, it seems.


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- Big Brother (Canada)

Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 3rd, 2013, 10:12 am


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Message Posted On Jan 6th, 2013, 4:44 pm

Ah, good point.  Wasn't looking at it from that angle.




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Message Posted On Jan 3rd, 2013, 5:04 pm

They'll probably just "localize" Amazing Race by having all the contestants be Canadian.


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Message Posted On Jan 3rd, 2013, 4:43 pm

What a shame.  It's bad enough they have to waste airtime with the American versions of this crap, let alone a home-grown version of the crap.  Oh, well...just a couple more shows to not watch.


Interesting, though...I wonder how they're going to "localize" The Amazing Race.  I've only seen bits and pieces of the show, but don't the contestants go to places all over the world in each season?  How can something like that be "localized"?


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