Sundance Channel developing unscripted series about television writers


Writer's RoomThe worst thing to ever happen to television writers--and some would say even to television itself--is the reality television craze. Around the time that shows like 'Dawson's Creek' were winding down, North America became obsessed with reality television, competition, and unscripted tell-all documentary series, pushing scripted drama and comedy to the wayside for a number of years.

Thankfully, the craze didn't stay at its peak forever, and thanks to series like 'Breaking Bad,' 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'The Walking Dead,' scripted television is back on top--or at least sharing the top of the mountain with a few reality shows that have stood the test of time. So now that reality shows are no longer supremely dominant and television writers have a renewed heyday, what will they do?

...They'll star in an unscripted reality tell-all series about themselves. Welp.

Sundance Channel has greenlit an unscripted series about drama and comedy television writers entitled 'The Writer's Room.' Ordering six half-hour episodes to begin, 'The Writer's Room' is being developed in partnership with Entertainment Weekly and is being produced by RelativityREAL. The series will feature the writers of comedy and drama series in a roundtable talk show format discussing "their greatest choices, toughest decisions and biggest mistakes."

This is a unique sort of order; in fiction, we have seen television writers lampoon themselves on 'The Phil and Jerry on The Larry Sanders ShowLarry Sanders Show' and '30 Rock.' In those instances, the characters are allowed to be exaggerated and larger-than-life. However, in the real world, many writers tend to be introverted and somewhat bashful. Unless 'The Writer's Room' can snag scribes from some very popular hit series, it will be difficult to draw viewers in to hear the idiosyncratic banter of we wacky wordsmiths.

What do you think? Are there any writers you'd love to see featured on a show like this?




Written by: bad_subject
Jan 7th, 2013, 8:41 am

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