'The Following' not neutered by Newtown killings

The Following

Any time there is a public shooting, there are questions about what television, video games and the movie industry should do differently to prevent further incidents.

The horrible events from last month at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., have arguably brought those questions more into our everyday conversation than any other shooting America has experienced. But early indications are that it will not lead to drastic changes on the small screen and what the FCC allows.

Kevin Williamson, the showrunner who is preparing the Kevin Bacon serial killer vehicle 'The Following' for Fox, talked to the Television Critics Association today about the shooting in Newtown.

“Who wasn’t affected by Sandy Hook? I’m still disturbed by Aurora (Colorado, the site of 'The Dark Knight Rises' theatre shooting),” he said. “I think we all worry about it. We sat in the writer’s room and we were all affected by it. [The violence] reaches a moment where it just gets too real. It’s very disturbing. But I’m writing fiction.”

Fox network executives have not asked him to make changes on the program, he added, nor did they ask him to push the premiere date back.

“No one brought that to me,” he stated. “I’m sure there were a lot of conversations [at the network], just as there were in every household in the country about Sandy Hook. It’s horrible.”

'The Following' looks like it could be the best new series of this season. Do you think its dark content is appropriate for broadcast television?


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Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 8th, 2013, 3:22 pm



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rtruell is right on the money here. I for one am sick of a new crusade against violent media launching after every tragedy. I love horror movies, professional wrestling, and playing Grand Theft Auto. By the logic of some people, I should by all rights be some kind of psychopath. The reality is that I abhor real life violence, and choose to avoid physical confrontation 9 times out of 10. I'd say if violent media can "inspire" a person to commit acts of violence, then that person was already mentally unbalanced to begin with. And we can't just censor everyone's entertainment on the off chance a crazy person might view it and get ideas. To do so would be un-American.


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"Since there was brutality and violence long before television came along I doubt if it will make much difference!"


Not only that, but even if all brutality and violence could be removed from TV, movies and video games, it would continue in real life.  People like to blame TV, movies and video games for causing or encouraging tragedies like mass shootings, but it just isn't true...these things would happen anyway.  It is, sadly, just the nature of mankind to slaughter each other.



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Since there was brutality and violence long before television came along I doubt if it will make much difference!I'd just as soon not see it though.
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