'Justified' writer talks season premiere

Good ol' boy justice made its return to FX last night as "Justified" kicked off its fourth season. Showrunner Graham Yost spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the season premiere and teases what's to come. Of course, possible spoilers lie ahead for those who haven't seen the new episode yet.


The new season-long storyline appears to be a complex mystery involving Raylan's father Arlo, Patton Oswalt's recurring Constable Bo, and Joe Mazzello's snake-handling preacher. Yost spoke about the inspiration behind the mystery, saying "There is a thing nicknamed the Bluegrass Conspiracy. It did involve a guy who plummeted to his death in a streamer parachute with a lot of cocaine on him, and that was in the South. He landed in Tennessee. His name was Drew Thornton, a Lexington kid who was a lawyer and a cop and got in bad with drugs. It happened in 1985."

The episode found Raylan chasing a bail jumper, Jody, who Yost says we may see down the road. "Oh, we might be lookin’ around episode 7, perhaps. Really, the reason for the character was that we wanted to see Raylan doing something that he shouldn’t be doing, which is grabbing a bail jumper," Yost said. "Once we landed on that for our first story, then we started looking for parallels. How could this guy have something [kids] that might trigger something in Raylan?"

Another returning face will be Oswalt, whose Constable Bob will be seen in a few weeks in episode 5. Yost was eager to work with the vocal fan, saying "As long as Patton is available and wants to play, we want to be able to go back to him. He just does a great job, and I finally got to meet him last Saturday night when we had our little Justified premiere, and that was a real treat. I rarely go out to set. But Fred Golan, of course, has become a text buddy of Patton’s."

Like most characters on the series, Constable Bob has both elements of humor and danger to him. "There’s an aspect to him of being a cop wannabe and all of that, but he did put a guy in a coma, so there is an element of real danger to the guy. And in episode 1, he does stab poor Roz in the foot," acknowledges Yost.

What did you think of the premiere?

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Written by: kyleiam
Jan 9th, 2013, 7:10 am

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