Five things you don't know about "Homeland's" Damian Lewis

Homeland actor Damian Lewis

His current Showtime series “Homeland” has won this actor an Emmy and has him currently nominated for a Golden Globe for his excellent depiction of U.S. Marine Nicholas Brody, but that is not all there is to actor Damian Lewis. Here are five things that your probably never knew about him.

 1. Lewis was born on February 11th, 1971, but despite what his pureblood U.S. Marine character on “Homeland” might portray, he was actually born in London, England. His father was an insurance broker and his mother served on the board of Britain's prestigious Royal Court Theatre.

Damian Lewis holding a skull in a Shakespeare play2. To be, or not to be? Lewis landed the role of a lifetime as Major Richard Winters in HBO’s miniseries “Band of Brothers” after Steven Spielberg saw him in a stage production of Shakespeare's “Hamlet”. 

3. Staying in character is something Lewis takes very seriously. Lewis says that while he was filming his role as Nicholas Brody on “Homeland” that he would force himself to use his American accent even when he was not on the set. Lewis says this was done to lessen the confusion that resulted from switching back and forth between American and his native British English.

4. Romance does not always come easy for him. Lewis revealed to that his first kissing scene with his “Homeland” co-star Claire Danes was less than perfect. He admits that the pair “hit teeth” and “felt like teenagers”. Even seasoned actors get a little stage fright!

5. Lewis is continuing his love of Shakespeare, and will transition from U.S. Marine to a Lord when he hits the big screen as Lord Capulet in the new film adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” – which is set for release this year.


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Jan 10th, 2013, 5:24 am


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Not to forget his role as Soames Forsyte in the British Forsyte Saga series.
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