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ABC orders pilot for bar comedy from "Hangover" writers

Hangover writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore

ABC has decided to team up with the writers of “The Hangover” to create a single-camera comedy pilot which will be called “Mixology”. Writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are joined with the pilot for “Mixology”, which will be set in a trendy Manhattan bar and chronicle the struggles and adventures of singles looking for love in the city – all in the course of one night. ABC has already landed two other comedy pilots, “How the F Am I Normal” and “Trophy Wife”, and “Mixology” was grabbed by the network in what is being called a competitive situation.

ABC has not specified whether or not the series will take place in “real time”, with each episode chronicling the whole group of singles for a short period of time during the night–OR – if each episode will focus on the entire night of a certain character (only to be re-done from a different characters perspective next episode). I feel that either option could produce an interesting result, but could also go horribly wrong and become far too repetitive. I really cannot see an entire season taking place over the course of just one night to be honest.

Do you think it is an interesting concept or one that will fizzle out fast?

- Scott Moore

Written by: harrisr
Jan 10th, 2013, 5:25 am

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