'Survivor: Fans vs Favorites' cast announced

A new season of "Survivor" will also see the return of the much vaunted 'Fans vs Favorites' theme. The 20 castaways competing for the million dollar prize will be split into two tribes: one full of long-time diehard fans of the show, the other comprised of returning players who fell just short of the prize on their respective seasons.


Today, CBS announced the 20 castaways that will be competing on "Survivor: Caramoan," which premieres February 13th with a special two hour edition.

GOTA ('Fans' tribe)

Laura Alexander
Age: 23
Washington, D.C.
Administrative Officer

Sherri Biethman
Age: 41
Boise, Idaho
Fast Food Franchisee

Matt Bischoff
Age: 38
Cincinnati, Ohio
BMX Bike Sales

Hope Driskill
Age: 23
Jefferson City, Mo.
Pre-Law Student

Edward "Eddie" Fox
Age: 23
East Brunswick, N.J.

Julia Landauer
Age: 21
Stanford, Calif.
Racecar Driver

Alexandra "Allie" Pohevitz
Age: 25
Oceanside, N.Y.

Michael Snow
Age: 44
New York
Event Planner

Shamar Thomas
Age: 27
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Iraq War Veteran

Reynold Toepfer
Age: 30
San Francisco
Real Estate Sales

BIKAL ('Favorites' tribe)

Andrea Boehlke - competed on "Survivor: Redemption Island"

Brandon Hantz - painstakingly moral nephew of famed villain Russell Hantz, competed on "Survivor: South Pacific"

Brenda Lowe - competed on "Survivor: Nicaragua"

Corrinne Kaplan - competed on "Survivor: Gabon"

Dawn Meehan - competed on "Survivor: South Pacific"

Erik Reichenbach - competed on the original "Fans vs Favorites" season and made what I believe is the official Dumbest Move In Survivor History.

Francesca Hogi - competed on "Survivor: Redemption Island," albeit briefly since she was the first eliminated.

John Cochran - competed on "Survivor: South Pacific"

Phillip Sheppard - competed on "Survivor: Redemption Island" where he made his presence felt as that season's eccentric castaway.

Malcolm Freberg - some may remember him from last season, where he made it to the final four.

The real story is the returning cast, which seems primarily made up of South Pacific and Redemption Island players. A bit unfortunate since I would have preferred a better mix. What do you think of the returning cast?

- Survivor
- Jeff Probst

Written by: kyleiam
Jan 11th, 2013, 8:32 am

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