Special episode of 'Hawaii Five-0' to air following AFC Championship


Hawaii Five-0

The executives behind CBS' smash-hit 'Hawaii Five-0' are pulling out all the stops lately. A few days after the blockbuster announcement that the primetime police series would be letting viewers decide the ending of an episode in real-time via online vote, CBS is now reporting that a special episode of 'Hawaii Five-0' will air in the coveted time slot following the upcoming NFL AFC Championship game--oh, and, the episode will feature seven previously-unreleased recordings by guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. How's that for pulling out all the stops?

AFC ChampionshipThe timeslot following the AFC Championship game is the second-most valuable slot in the primetime calendar; the slot is second only to the slot following the Superbowl itself. This year's AFC Championship game will feature the winner of the Ravens v Broncos game against the winner of the Texans v Patriots. The team that wins the AFC Championship will of course play against the NFC Champion in Superbowl XLVIII. The coveted post-Superbowl timeslot went to the new hit series 'Elementary.'

As for the episode of 'Hawaii Five-0' itself, the hour of drama will find Chin (played by certified hunk Jimi HendrixDaniel dae Kim) trapped in a Halawa Prison and fighting to escape before other inmates discover he is a member of law enforcement. As mentioned above, the soundtrack for the episode will be seven never-before-released tracks by the late Jimi Hendrix. The songs themselves will be released on March 5 as part of a Hendrix compilation called "People, Hell and Angels." Allowing 'Hawaii Five-0' to use the songs early is a brilliant way to cross-promote the album as well as the hit series, given that some AFC Championship viewers may stick around to watch 'Five-0' simply out of curiosity regarding the Hendrix tracks.

Are you a fan of 'Hawaii Five-0?' If not, will the voting gimmick or the Hendrix tracks be enough to get you to tune in?



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Jan 11th, 2013, 11:36 am

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