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NBC orders pilot for legal drama 'I Am Victor'


Katie JacobsKatie Jacobs, an Executive Producer on the smash hit series 'House,' has brought a new legal drama project to NBC entitled 'I Am Victor.' The concept for the drama series stems from a novel by best-selling Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo (to be written for television by Mark Goffman of 'The West Wing' and 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip').

'I Am Victor' is based on Nesbo's work and has been described to NBC executives as "House, if House were an divorce attorney." The series centers around a curmudgeonly main character named Victor Port, a divorce attorney who has a unique view on romantic relationships. I suppose any divorce attorney would see romance in a slightly askew fashion, no?

Both Jacobs and Nesbo himself will act as Executive Producers on 'I Am Victor,' along with other producers who previously joined Jacobs on the FOX drama 'House.' With the team back together, Jacobs has made the move to NBC, bringing one of Europe's best-selling crime novelists in tow.

Nesbo is best known for a series of novels featuring his popular character Detective Harry Hole. One of Jo Nesbothese Harry Hole (wow, what a name) novels is 'The Snowman' which is currently in development as a feature film with legendary director Martin Scorsese attached. Nesbo's latest thriller, 'The Son,' were also optioned by Warner Bros--could Nesbo be seen as the next Stieg Larsson in terms of spawning a series of major features?


Regardless, it would seem that NBC is getting in on the ground floor of the Nesbo business, and business is about to pick up. What do you think of the concept for 'I Am Victor?' What about the title?



Written by: bad_subject
Jan 12th, 2013, 9:27 am

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