Sam Mendes and John Logan bringing horror to Showtime


This one has got "smash hit" written all over it.

John LoganJohn Logan and Sam Mendes, Hollywood heavy-hitters fresh off of the immense success of 'Skyfall' becoming the highest-grossing Bond film of all time, are bringing a high concept series to television: and Showtime is the lucky network that gets the fruits of the duo's labors.

Logan, co-writer of 'Skyfall,' has been nominated for three Academy Awards for writing in his career--he will be writing the series for Showtime.

Mendes, director of 'Skyfall,' won an Academy Award for his feature Sam Mendesdirectorial debut 'American Beauty'--he will be directing the series for Showtime.

Talk about a dream team. Showtime, still relishing the success of their smash hit series 'Homeland,' are stretching their legs and bringing the Logan/Mendes project in with a straight-to-series order, bypassing the usual pilot-process, based solely off of a spec written by Logan. Hey, I'd be confident betting on this pair as well. So what is the project about?

As yet untitled, the high concept drama project will be set in the 1800s. A psychological horror series with high-brow literary underpinnings, the series will reportedly feature well-known literary figures such as Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The strange horror project marks the television series debut for both Logan ('Gladiator,' 'Hugo,' 'The Aviator') and Mendes ('Revolutionary Road,' 'Away We Go').

Dr FrankensteinBoth Logan and Mendes began their careers in the theater, eventually finding their way to Hollywood separately. Their collaboration on 'Skyfall' garnered five Oscar nominations, the first Academy Award nods to any Bond film in thirty years.

According to Deadline, the project will undergo some tweaking in order to be appropriate for the Showtime audience, but given the direct-to-series intent, it would seem Showtime executives are satisfied with what Logan and Mendes have in store.

Are you as excited about this upcoming series as I am?


- Penny Dreadful
- Sam Mendes
- John Logan

Written by: bad_subject
Jan 12th, 2013, 1:03 pm

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