Exciting new teaser released for 'Game of Thrones' third season


We are just a little over two months away from the premiere of the third season of HBO's phenomenal hit 'Game of Thrones.' As huge as the series has been throughout its initial two seasons (even being named the most pirated television series in 2012), it seems like HBO is ready to bring the entire series to a whole new level: beyond the usual promises of "bigger & better" going in to a new season, the third season of 'Game of Thrones' will feature longer episodes.

Calling it a "super-sized season," Dan Weiss, executive producer on 'Game of Thrones,' explained that the longer episodes were befitting the tale of "Storm of Swords," the novel from which the upcoming season has been adapted. Beyond longer episodes across the board, the finale of the third season is planned to be well over an hour long, capping off the "super-sized season" in appropriate style.

Game of Thrones beersWith fans clamboring for new episodes, counting down the minutes until the show returns on March 31... HBO even took a novel approach to advertising and promoting this upcoming season: 'Game of Thrones' inspired beers.

Being released just in time to enjoy a brew while you watch your favorite series return, four different styles of beer will be released under 'Game of Thrones' inspired labels. And in keeping with the "super-sized" theme, these bottles will be larger than standard beer bottles and will feature a resealable cork opening.

It's a pretty ingenious idea; HBO partnered with Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown N.Y. to make actual new flavors for each beer, making the discerning collector want to try them all.

All in all, to say that excitement over the third season of 'Game of Thrones' is at a fever-pitch would still be an understatement. Now, HBO has tossed some more fuel on the fire by releasing this teaser, below:


How excited are you for March 31?


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Disappointing Teaser.

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