'Shameless' Paul Abbott adapting 'Les Revenants' for English audiences


Les RevenantsPaul Abbott, the man behind the British smash hit 'Shameless' (and co-creator of the American version, as well) has set his sites on a new project: the adaptation of a hit series from France.

The Canal Plus series 'Les Revenants' aired over eight one-hour episodes last Fall in France, breaking Canal Plus ratings records. Canal Plus is the French equivalent of HBO: it is a premium cable pay station that launched in 1984. Canal Plus is best known for the original French series 'Les Guignols de l'info' and 'Groland.' 'Les Revenants' is a supernatural thriller set in France. Ostensibly a zombie story, 'Les Revenants' is unique insofar as the walking dead are not seeking to attack the living; they simply wish to reintegrate into society. 

Paul Abbott's version will be titled 'They Came Back.' The series centers on a group of men and women in Paul Abbotta small Alpine village who find themselves in a state of confusion, trying to return to their homes. What they don’t yet know is that they’ve been dead for several years, and no one is expecting them back.

As of yet there is no word on whether or not 'They Came Back' will be produced for a British or an American channel. AbbottVision has a first-look deal with Fremantle Media Enterprises which acquired the rights to the project and will handle international distribution.

Given the smash success of 'Les Revenants' at Canal Plus, I expect a bidding war over Abbott's follow-up to 'Shameless.' Abbott is the writer of 'Shameless' as well as 'Hit & Miss,' having produced both series as well.


More on this exciting adaptation as it develops!


- Paul Abbott

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Jan 14th, 2013, 10:42 am


Message Posted On Jan 15th, 2013, 8:32 am
Wow, that sounds like it can end up being.... fuc*ing awesome!
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