Mira Sorvino vehicle 'Trooper' not picked up


Here's one that I just cannot understand:

TNT has passed on the pilot order for 'Trooper,' a project produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Mira Sorvino. The pilot, which co-starred Eion Bailey ('Covert Affairs,' 'Once Upon a Time'), was originally developed at CBS last season, and was subsequently passed on at the Eye Network as well.

The project starred Academy Award winner Sorvino ('Mighty Aphrodite,' 'Perfect Sisters'), was written by Aron Eli Coleite ('Heroes') and was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who has a whopping nine Primetime Emmys to his credit. All in all... I am failing to see the problem. 'Trooper' is about a Bruckheimerrecently-divorced State Trooper (Sorvino) who is as unconventional at work as she is at home raising her three kids.

Given that CBS passed on 'Trooper,' TNT picked it up and now TNT has passed as well, something must be rotten in the state of this project. At the same time as this decision was made, TNT decided to pick up 'King & Maxwell,' another procedural pilot they had in development alongside 'Trooper.' Given the talent amassed behind 'Trooper' (and the crap that many networks at least give an initial order to), this decision is quite a head-scratcher.

There are rumors that the pilot which was filmed for 'Trooper' could air on TNT as a TV Movie, which would at least give other networks the opportunity to see the series and perhaps make an offer to pick it up in turnaround. Until then, Bruckheimer will be able to dry his eyes on the several feature projects he has coming down the chute this year, including 'The Lone Ranger' and 'National Treasure 3.'



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Written by: bad_subject
Jan 16th, 2013, 1:40 pm

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