Beatles debut album to be rerecorded for BBC


And now for something completely different.

The BBC has announced plans for a new program, set to air on TV and on the radio, which will see musicians entering the Abbey Road Studios in an attempt to rerecord the Beatles debut album, 'Please Please Me.'

The artists, which include Mick Hucknall and The Stereophonics, will have a mere 12 hours to complete the recording, which mirrors how The Beatles recorded the album (which released 50 years ago). All the musicians will use the same studio and the tracks will be recorded in proper album order, to mirror what the Fab Four pulled off.

The program will air live on BBC Radio 2 on February 11, and a filmed version called '12 Hours to Please Me' will air four days later on BBC Four.

"We're taking a look behind the scenes of a really exciting moment in popular music history when some of our most iconic albums were recorded and trying to discover what the essential ingredients are that make an album great," said BC Four controller Richard Klein, talking about the BBC's 'The Golden Age of Album' series, which this show is the centerpiece of.

I am not sure what I make of this. It seems like it should give people a better appreciation for what The Beatles did in 1963, but at the same time, conditions are not the same. 



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Jan 17th, 2013, 12:37 pm


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The BBC have done something similier to this before I'm sure.


Message Posted On Jan 17th, 2013, 8:52 pm
Sweet! - Looking forward to this!
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