'American Horror Story' third season details revealed

With the second season barely in the rearview, details are already starting to trickle in on season three.

American Horror Story

Co-creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy spoke at a Thursday press screening, confirming that several actors from the series first two seasons would be returning, including Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Jessica Lange. Of course, expect to see some fresh faces as well. "I'm just now meeting with a lot of actors, so I don't want to say too much, but they're actors Jessica wants to work with -- so she's sort of become a non-credited producer on season three, because she loves doing the show," Murphy said.

Reportedly, the season three storyline will revolve around a romance set in modern times, revolving around Lange's character, a "really glamor-cat sort of lady." No word on Peters or Paulson's characters in the new arc.

"You're going to see a very different tone in season three, but that's the joy of the show," he added. "I think as a person right now I do feel lighter and wanting to embrace something a little bit more fun."

Like most of Murphy's projects, the storyline was inspired by the creator's own interests. "I always start off with things that I've always been obsessed with," Murphy said. "The season that we're just about to do is another thing like that asylum thing that I was always really interested in as a kid. I come up with the story, and it's obviously always now crafted around Jessica, for the most part. Before I talk to anybody, I go to her and tell her what the story is and tell her what the character is and she has input. This year, she said, 'I would like to work with X, Y, Z,' people she's always wanted to work with."

Much like previous seasons, Murphy confirmed that the story will be a self-contained 13-episode arc with a brand new setting. "I hope the show goes for 10 years, because I have so many different kinds of horror that I would like to write about," he said. "I love that you can jump periods, you can play with different actors. I know the actors love playing different characters, so it's something that we'll always stay with."

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Jan 18th, 2013, 8:43 am

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