'Revolution' launches web series before return from hiatus

If the lengthy hiatus of NBC's "Revolution" is too much for you, the network has some good news that will help keep the fire burning for the adventure series.


To bridge the gap and satiate viewers eager for the series' return, NBC has started a new online weekly webisode series on, Hulu, YouTube, and on VOD.

The animated webisodes will revolve around the letters written by Sgt. Joseph Wheatly (Reed Diamond), the character who led Miles (Billy Burke) into the trap set by General Monroe (David Lyons).

The webisode series will run through February 18th, at which point the entire first half of the season will be posted online, giving old and new viewers a chance to fully catch up before the season resumes on March 25th.

Additionally, viewers will get to check out a version of the show's pilot that includes commentary from showrunner/creator Eric Kripke and executive producer/director Jon Favreau. Given that the second half of the season is said to be radically different from the first, it should be interesting to hear Kripke and Favreau's views with that perspective in mind.

"The second half really is a revolution, they’re starting this war. I hope the time off doesn’t dampen any viewers enthusiasm because we have bigger and better stuff coming," Kripke told EW. "We think the second half of the season will be better than the first. Bigger, more dire, more emotional. It’s about launching this battle against Monroe in earnest and really questing to turn the power back on. It’s exciting for the writers to get past the smaller prologue of the story — which was to find Danny — and really moving to bigger, more exciting and more dangerous issues. We think the show is getting better and better."

What do you hope to see when "Revolution" returns?

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Written by: kyleiam
Jan 21st, 2013, 7:25 pm

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