Watch one of the most emotional "Idol" auditions ever

American Idol audition guest Lazaro Arbos

While I haven’t watched “American Idol” since season 2 when Clay Aiken was screwed out of the win by Ruben Studdard (even though both have lackluster music careers now), once in a while I stumble upon a video that I just cannot pass up. If you are like me, you like a good cry every now and then, and this “American Idol” audition had me reaching for the tissues.

When Lazaro Arbos walks in and begins to explain his story to the judges, I immediately had one of those ‘cringing-must-look-away’ moments. I hate to see people get embarrassed on television and Lazaro explaining his struggle with stuttering seemed like it could only lead to an awkward singing experience. "It's like a rollercoaster," Lazaro says. "Living with a stutter is really hard because the things that normal people would think would be so easy become so hard for me."

His stutter became so bad when his family moved to the U.S. that Lazaro’s mother had to do all his speaking for him, because he could barely talk at all. Making friends was no walk in the park for Lazaro either. "No one wanted to hang out with me in school. So I'd be home alone."

When Lazaro announces he is going to sing Bridge Over Troubled Water, I got pretty tensed up – but when he lets his voice out…well, just see for yourself.

Although Jennifer Hudson recently came out to say that “Idol” has run its course, it is moments like these that make me feel like it still might have a place – even if just to bring the amazing talents of people like Lazaro Arbos to viewers, when he may never have gotten the chance to shine otherwise.

Did his audition make you a little teary eyed, or am I just an emotional wreck? Its ok, I can take it.

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Written by: harrisr
Jan 22nd, 2013, 4:36 am

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