'Arrow' co-star talks new episode

While "Arrow" has wowed viewers with its breathtaking action and suspense, David Ramsey's John Diggle has quietly become one of the most intriguing supporting characters on television. Diggle provides much-needed pathos and conscience to Oliver Queen's unrelenting quest to cleanse the filth of Starling City. Ramsey spoke with Zap2It about the upcoming episode and whether romance is on the horizon for the jacked bodyguard.


In tonight's "Trust Then Verify," Diggle and Queen clash as the latest name in the big book of bad guys is the former special forces soldier's commanding officer during his time in Afghanistan. Ramsey teases that this new target may help shed some light on Diggle's background. "[Diggle and Ted Gaynor] did a few tours together and grew very, very close. He has returned to Starling City. However, he is on the list, on Oliver's kill list -- or at least his talk-to-sternly list," the actor said. "Diggle ends up siding with Ted, as you saw in the previews, and this causes a real, major conflict between him and Oliver. Not just, obviously because Ted is a friend and Diggle has an allegiance to Oliver, but because of the validity or lack of validity of the list. At this point, the list has been compromised, but Oliver has his charge, his mission."

He continued, "I think by the end of the episode, we really have a clear understanding of the burden that's on Oliver. The two men have a very clear understanding of each other. There's a major conflict, but they come out with a much better understanding of each other."

One of the few things we've learned about the bodyguard's past is that he continues to deal with the death of his brother. "There's something about Oliver, I think, that touches on the relationship that Diggle once had with his brother," Ramsey explained, teasing that this is another facet of Diggle's life viewers will learn more about tonight. "In this episode, and in the following episode... Some of the themes that Oliver's dealing with -- revenge and vengeance -- we'll see Diggle deal with those things in terms of his brother."

Not the least of these things is Diggle's complicated relationship with his brother's widow, Carly, whom the bodyguard seems to want more than a sisterly bond with. "We have kind of been building up this thing with Carly, his sister-in-law-slash-whatever. The wife of his dead brother, which is weird. In this episode, there's some stuff that's going to be happening in terms of the relationship with her," Ramsey said. "There are some very personal rifts in this personal life of Diggle, in this episode and in the following episode. All that is coming up very, very soon. It's a complicated relationship, but it's an important one."

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Jan 23rd, 2013, 8:32 am

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