Sally Pressman wins lead in 'Joe, Joe and Jane'


Sally PressmanSally Pressman has landed the female lead role as the eponymous Jane in the upcoming NBC comedy pilot 'Joe, Joe and Jane.'

NBC landed the rights to 'Joe, Joe and Jane' in a highly-competitive bidding war with other networks. A multi-camera sitcom comedy, 'Joe, Joe and Jane' is from the producers of 'The New Girl,' Joe Port and Joe Wiseman. Hmmm... two Joes producing a series with two Joes in the title..? You guessed it: 'Joe, Joe and Jane' is about the lives of Port and Wiseman, along with Wiseman's wife. Their careers and lives will be altered, of course, however the dynamic between the three characters will be based upon the producers themselves.

'Joe, Joe and Jane' isn't about a couple, but what the pair have dubbed a 'trouple.' Sigh. A conflict-avoidant children’s book author named Joe is caught in an ongoing tug of war between two needy, flawedPort and Wiseman people: his wife Jane and his co-author/ best friend, also named Joe.

Sally Pressman will take over as Jane, a tough, successful business woman with a “soft mushy center,” according to the brass at NBC. Fans will recognize Pressman as Roxy on 'Army Wives,' a role she'll continue to hold throughout 'Army Wives' seventh season, although she'll only appear on the drama part time.

The pilot order for 'Joe, Joe and Jane' is moving forward at NBC alongside the pilot for 'About a Boy,' adapted from the Nick Hornby novel of same name that also spawned a feature film starring Hugh Grant in 2002.


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Jan 23rd, 2013, 10:02 am

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