Tina Fey: Jack and Liz will still be friends in 20 years

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin

“30 Rock” will be coming to a close next Thursday, and Tina Fey has taken some time to reflect on the seven-year relationship that developed within the series between Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy.

Fresh off her hosting duties at the “Golden Globes”, Fey predicts that Liz and Jack would still be good friends come 2033. "I think they'll still be friends," Fey says. "I think they'll probably both have lifetime memberships to the Bronx Botanical Garden where they meet once a month to read the newspaper in silence. Or maybe that's my fantasy of what I want to do in 20 years." This sounds like a much more subdued relationship compared to the back and forth, hectic banter that the duo share on “30 Rock”.

Fey says she was taken aback by how emotional the farewells were between the cast of “30 Rock”, but she was most surprised by her reaction saying goodbye to Dr. Spaceman. SNL alum Chris Parnell played the problematic doctor who barely even made the cut to be on the show. The role of Dr. Spaceman ended up lasting for seven years.

"I still remember the moment that he was kind of born in the writer’s room," said Fey. According to Fey, Spaceman was "just a dumb idea we had seven years ago" that became a hit without really trying.

Who are you going to miss the most when “30 Rock” says its final goodbye?

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Written by: harrisr
Jan 24th, 2013, 5:05 am

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